Hall 5.2, Stand C-71
February 7-9, 2024

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CompanyBooth No.Contact RetailContact Sublicensees
SEKOYA FruitHall 5.2 | C-71Hans LiekensHolger Brandt
Marianela Rodriguez Bejarano
FALL CREEK Farm & Nursery®Hall 3.2 | C-50Michel KaczmarekMichel Kaczmarek
abb GrowersHall 3.2 | C-44Fred DouvenFred Douven
AGROVISION EUROPE B.VHall 1.2 | A-22John EarlyTodd Mauritz
Alpine Fresh25 Stand | C-28Emily OhenwalderLucas Rosello
AgroBerries / Berry FreshHall 25 | B-08Max EmdenCatalina Vives
Berries paradiseHall 25 | C-28Carlos MadariagaMexico: Karime Andrade
International Affairs: Roberto Sámano
Core FruitHall 26 | H-50Mike GrobbelaarTheo Lombard
Fresh Produce Group Not attendingAnthony Poiner
Robert Nugan
Anthony Poiner
Robert Nugan
Joy Wing Mau
Fruit Technologies Corporation Limited
Please visit the SEKOYA® StandDani Geng (Geng Yaxiong)Dani Geng (Geng Yaxiong)
North Bay Produce, Inc.Hall 25 | A-11Philip SymonsAaron Bagwell
PrizeHall 25 | B-08Cristóbal RodríguezCristóbal Rodríguez
RainierNot attendingMarvin RecordMarvin Record
SanLucarHall 27 | D-70 & D-80Jaime SanchezJaime Sanchez
SUREXPORTHall 18 | C-03Carmen Perez AndradeAndres Morales Vilar
RK GrowersHall 2.2 | B-22Carlo LinguaCarlo Lingua
ZurGroupPlease visit the SEKOYA® StandFelipe SilvaFelipe Silva

* Please message us for contact information.

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